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What does it cost?

That is the correct question. What has your pain been costing you?

We offer several different sessions. The right session and number of sessions will be determined at your first sessions assessment of the condition.

FIRST session
= $70.00 (savings of $45)
Assessment, Health intake, Pain inquiry, Treatment, Feedback, Protocol/Treatment plan

Treatment Sessions
(1-2 Regions)
We are a very different massage establishment. We charge
by the region(s) of treatment, not by the time like many other places.
We find this is more beneficial to our patients and extremely more economical. These sessions and scheduling will occur at your first session, and can not be scheduled on line, must call to schedule your initial appointment with us.

 30 minute Massage Sessions
(25 minutes of hands on therapy)

60 minute Sessions
(50-55 min hands on therapy)

  Reserve your spot-Now
first visit reduced price special
                              massage session for pain reduction
New Patients only

First Session: May include all/some of the following
Health History, Assessment,
Posture Check,
Range of Motion,
"homework", Treatment Protocol, etc..

How do I get there?

google maps directions
     Sessions by appointment only
Insurance .....
We do NOT bill insurance, however we will assist you in any way we can to recoup your money. We provide an indepth receipt and can provide other required information (RX-provided by you, Notes, etc.), for your insurance company to assist you and help you recover/recoup the most from your benefits.

We will provide as much assistance as possible to help you afford your treatment to reduce pain and enjoy life fully. 

Forms of payment accepted are: Cash, Checks, Credit cards, HSA, FSA cards.

We are a fee for service establishment, meaning we require payment at the time
of service.

It is up to you to call your insurance carrier to find out what information/forms/etc. they will need.

IE: Dr's Rx, Requirements, # of visits, etc...

See our Appointment Policy regarding your appointment.

We accept Cash/ Checks and Debt/HSA/FSA cards/Credit cards....Learn more-HERE