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If you’ve decided to get a massage but haven’t had one before- Not sure what to expect !

Treatment Sessions:  We do things more progressively in our wellness clinic regarding massage therapy.  The first/initial appointment entails an Evaluation, some tests of your pain/restriction from your problem and a 45 min massage to begin care.

Thinking you might not like someone touching you !

Here are some basic questions and answers to help you.

Q.        Do I have to remove all of my clothes?

A.        NO—It’s your choice, remove clothing to your comfort level- if that is receiving fully clothed at first –that is fine.
            You will still benefit from your massage session.
            The best clothing to wear is loose and comfortable –as though you were going to the gym, this way the therapist can move
             body parts as needed.  If you prefer ask for chair massage- that is always done fully clothed.

Q.        Will it hurt?

A.        NO- it should NEVER hurt. If you give the therapist a complete and accurate health history, share your needs and 
             concerns.    I work on a scale of 1-10 for comfort level. Full communication is key

Q.        What should I do if I experience discomfort?

A.        During the massage session, tell you therapist if you have ANY discomfort, whether it is from the massage or from any
            distractions related to the environment, including amount of pressure, speed of movement, room temperature, music
             volume, lighting, etc…

Q.        Do I need to Talk?

A.        It is your choice.  I will participate at what ever level you would like.  There will be some communication for pressure
             checking. Some people like to talk while others remain silent.  Sometime talking is a way of releasing/unburdening
             oneself or opening up.  Sometimes silence can be a way of concentrating or letting go of thoughts.

Q.        What it I fall asleep?

A.         It is ok, but not highly recommended.  You will get more from your massage if your brain is engaged with what your
              body is experiencing. If you do fall asleep, your therapist  will wake you at the end.  Most people feel invigorated by

Q.        Do I need to leave immediately when my massage is done?

A.           No-take your time, sit up slowly, as directed, and drink plenty of water. Most of the time your therapist will have
              comments, homework, or just want feed back when finished.  We also have a waiting area for you to collect yourself
              before driving.   I always encourage questions and will answer you honestly.

Q.          Do you accept INSURANCE ?
A.          We do not bill insurance, however we will send in your receipt and other required information (RX-provided by you, Notes, etc.), to your insurance company for you and help you recover/recoup the most from your benefits.

We will provide as much assistance as possible to help you afford your treatment to reduce pain and enjoy life fully. 

Forms of payment accepted are: Cash, Checks, Credit cards, HSA, FSA cards.

We are a fee for service establishment, meaning we accept payment at the time
of service.

It is up to you to call your insurance carrier to know what "hoops" they need
you to jump through for coverage/reimbursement.
IE: Dr's Rx, Requirements, # of visits, etc...

See our Appointment Policy regarding your appointment.

We accept Cash/ Checks and Debt/HSA/FSA cards/Credit cards....Learn more-HERE
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