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Important Health Care payment Information

Did you know.......
     You may be able to pay for your therapy appointment using your Flex-Spending/ Health Savings account (FSA/HSA plan)

Therapeutic massage is accepted as a medical service by many health insurance plans. FSA/HSA credit/debit cards

might now be used to pay for your sessions.

Our merchant account (Credit card processor), typically accepts/processes your FSA/HSA cards without question.

We do recommend you ensure coverage will be accepted by.....

1.  Check with your HR department to find out what steps/hoops you will have to do.

     ---RX from Dr stating the reason/need for therapeutic massage, Diagnosis codes for your condition. etc...

2.  We provide a customized receipt--upon request--at check out.
      We provide the CPT (therapy codes), Therapist =Lic #, name, address and ALL that you/they will need.

I promise to serve my clients confidentially, professionally, and proudly within a therapeutic atmosphere.
I promise to listen to the needs of my clients and assist them in creating life-long, customized health choices through stretches, and body work.
Massage is Not an indulgence, but a necessity in today's hectic world. I offer a healing atmosphere and quality body work all helping to facilitate in restoring your essential energies, and your sense of well-being
Massage has roots in both Eastern and Western cultures. Massage is a natural, drug-free way to manage stress, promote health and to reduce fatigue and pain of injury.
Massage is a scientific, systematic and
skillful application of touch and
manipulation of the soft tissues of the body
back soreness and pain
chair massage
hand scrub
shoulder massage
back massage