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An hour of heaven by W.B.  I look forward to the massage when I get a chance to go. Deb is very good at what she does, and always works on the areas where you need it the most. Come check her out and see for yourself!! Everybody should try this by D.S.  I have had problems with my neck and back since falling while hiking last summer. Every time I have seen Deborah I've had relief from neck and back pain for quite some time. Highly recommend Deb's therapeutic massages.
Time goes by fast when having a great massage by L.S.  I have had quite a few massage from Deb and have been very happy with the outcome. She has help me find relief from tight muscles in my upper back. I would recommend Deb to anyone. Great massage by S.H.   I have had great experiences with the relief of pain after getting a massage from Deb. I thought I had torn something in my should and I had her work on it for an hour. I have not have a problem with it since. I also have a neck massage where she really work deep into the muscles and it was a "good" hurt that really felt so good.
Very Pleased by Danielle M.   After receiving multiple dissappointing massages from other therapists I was skeptical about finding someone that would listen to my wants and needs. Deb did an amazing job and helped me get as much relief as possible in one session. I can't wait for my next appointment...tomorrow! Wonderful by J. W.   I love everything about Stress Waived. It's easy to schedule appointments on line, Deb's super easy to deal with and the massages are out of this world. Kind, caring, compassionate, smart and strong all at once -- she's all the things you want in a massage therapist. Oh, and a great sense of humor, too! If you're on the fence about whether you want to schedule a massage or not, go for it, you won't be disappointed.
I feel great by Pauline D.   If you never had a massage now is the time to get one. Deb is very professional and enjoys what she does and this translates into the most relaxing and awesome massage you could ever receive. I've been going for a year now and I am hooked. Deb thank you Stress Relieved when I need it by Scott N.   I have had on-going back issues and I travel - a lot. I stand for hours on end at trade shows and at professional functions. I fly about 70,000 miles a year. And I drive about 30,000 miles a year. My schedule does not afford me normal hours, and Deb allows me to schedule appointments outside of usual working hours. She is very effective at helping me manage pain, which allows me to do the things I love. I highly recommend Deb. She is both delightful and a real professional.
by Bonnie.   I thoroughly enjoyed my hour massage! Deb is caring and attentive focusing on my many sore spots. Her warm personality is genuine and she always teaches me something new about healthcare. I feel blessed and thankful that she is one of my caregivers Always pleased by Kris W.   I have always been pleased with my massage experiences. I get specific feedback and attention to areas that I feel need extra attention. Deborah is professional.
Works out the kinks: Always works out ALL the kinks, adjusts my massage for what I need...Feel great afterwards by Betty M. I always leave feeling relaxed physically and mentally. I get my massage appointment back to back with chiropractic and doing both treatments this way has helped greatly with pain management! The best part is that it is natural treatment and eliminates my need for medication! Massage should not only be seen as luxury but also as necessary medical treatment.
by Vince T.  Very knowledable, and very helpful, in helping my pain, and tightness in my damaged neck. Becca H. (Mar 2017)
Deb is amazing! I've had chronic pain in my back for 10 years now and she's near eliminated it! She's very knowledgeable about what she does and even gives you advice on different stretches to do at home. I very much recommend her to anyone looking for pain relief.
by: Serea H (Mar 2017)
Deb is really good at what she does.
By: Katherine M (Feb 2017)
Very effective tx
by: Sue S. (Nov 2016)
My pain was very much alive that night. Today there were only a few twinges! Feel good.
By: Andrea G. (Oct 2016)
Deborah has fixed a shoulder problem of mine that I've had for 10 years. I have less pain and more mobility than I've had in years. She has also given me great advice about stretching, posture and ergonomics. And she's super fun too!
By: Eric R. (Apr 2015)
My first visit with Deborah I was in in rough shape, she was able to work out the muscle spasms and allowing me to regain movement. I am looking forward to my next visit.
By: Dani H (Oct 2014)
I have been receiving massages from Deborah for over four years now and it has been a great experience. Deborah has been able to tackle all of my muscular issues using deep tissue and many other techniques. I am also a massage therapist, so sometimes it is hard to find someone that I feel works up to my standards, but I found this with Deborah. Deborah makes you feel comfortable and relaxed even when she is working on tissue that can be painful.
By: Peg R (Aug 2014)
Deb is the rare therapist who actually listens to what you want. As someone well-versed in therapeutic and sports massage, she has many times helped me to "come back" from aggravating discomfort. After nearly 20 years of trying to find the best therapist, I now have her. You will agree after your fist session!

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