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Movement makes us Feel better

A rolling stone gathers no moss

A body in motion-stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest.

I bet you have heard these sayings before. They are not new.

Our muscles are designed for movement. The either contract or un-contract (relax) which creates movement. So it only make sense that our bodies feel better and heal faster if we move around.

When we are in pain however we tend to sit around because it hurts to move. Then our muscles get stiff and it hurts even more when we move.  Best approach when you have pain is to move a little, just enough to move but not hurt. Pain is good, overall because it is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong--so listen. Stay within the bounds of your pain.

Sitting all day or long periods of time is never good for us. This is why I always suggest people move around at work. About every hour.  I also suggest drinking water(discussed in an early blog).  The drinking of water will force you to get up and go the the bathroom. Even that is moving.

If you have seen me, I usually suggest some stretches for the area we are focused/working on.  Stretching a little every day and building upon the previous day of stretching is great.  I typically suggest you stretch as you walk to and from the bathroom, even while on the toilet if possible. Sometimes this is the only time you might have to yourself...so use it wisely.



There are many stretching videos out there on youtube, with exercise programs and more.  Find ones that work for you and get them into your daily routine.

I will be putting together a FB group for a challenge to stay motivated. 'Like" my FB page to learn more and stay connected.    https://www.facebook.com/stresswaived




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moavement stops pain aches

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